Adam and Rachel - SURPRISE!

Rachel thought she was going to a "test shoot" with LA Weekly for a photoshoot about couples dating in the 21st century. She was told she and all of her friends and family joining would receive compensation for helping LA Weekly, like a Focus Group type of thing. We had a Hair and Make up Artist and also my Studio Manager, Lindsay, doing behind the scene video. All of her best friends and family had their photoshoot and I asked them questions about their dating life (you know, pretending I am the LA Weekly Photoshoot and Interviewer). 

Adam and Rachel's turn for the big surprise!

Finally, I told them to close their eyes and inch forward slowly into a kiss when Adam dropped a knee! When she opened her eyes, it suddenly became one of the best days of her life. 

Christina's Pretty Mugs

Christina is an improv comedian and is soo talented! (let alone drop-dead beautiful!) She wanted some new photos so we had a blast at the 5443 creating magic.

Madison Conklin

Madison is a powerhouse! She is a TV/Entertainment host and overall total rockstar. You can find her on Twitter HERE to see all the rockstar things she is up to. 

Dylan Kadosh Bar Mitzvah

I can't not post about Dylan's Bar Mitzvah - it was soo super rad. Aside from Dylan being the most awesome dude, they're the best party-throwers! Casino-like games, homemade donuts, cotton candy machines, and even graffiti bombs! Unreal. We had a blast.

Juliette & Seth I Do!!

It is an honor to capture a wedding, it is the ultimate honor to capture the wedding of two dear friends!  Juliette and Seth said their vows this past weekend at the stunning Los Willows in San Diego in front of their dear friends and family.   If you know Juliette, you know she has a mega watt smile that powers up any room that she enters.  Her partner in crime, Seth, is one of the kindest, most genuine man that will always have your back.  Together they are a dynamic duo of pure joy.  I spent most of the day sipping tears from behind the camera!!  Congratulations kiddos, I hope you are having a real nice time mooning your honey!  LOVE you both to the moon and back again!!  xoxo