Saturday I had the absolute honor of capturing two dear friends say, "I do!" They each had a little (well...not so little) surprise for each other. For Karen, Alex gifted her the most precious diamond necklace. For Alex, Karen gifted him a kayak...yup a kayak. How she pulled off that surprise, well, your guess is as good as mine. It was a beautiful day and great celebration of love. Here is a taste of the loveliness that was their day!! CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0268 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0269 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0270 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0271 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0272 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0273 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0274 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0275 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0276 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0277 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0278 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0279 CourtneyLindbergPhotography_062614_0280